Shedding a little light on our pieces!

Most of our work has beautiful reflective and metallic properties that just don't show in our photos! It's almost impossible to capture what you see with the naked eye.

The beauty of a lot of the wall pieces is that no matter where you decide to hang it, as the light in the room changes throughout the day, you will always see little changes, reflections and details depending on which way the light catches the piece!

So, to try and demonstrate this, we have taken a very short video just to show you what we mean!

This is a video of a large lily piece "Celebrate Life" which has a beautiful oil slick background. Watch how all those stunning colours almost 'move' and change with the different angles of the light! - We're excited!!

This video is of our "Irish Coast at Sunset". This really shows how the pieces reflect a true sunset across the water!

This video is of "Live Life to the Full" a stunning new butterfly piece with a 'rainforest' like background. Just look at how all the colours come to life as the light moves and bounces off the colourful details in the background!