• Rebeka Kahn Artwear in The Sunday Business Post 30th May 2011
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Rebeka Kahn Artwear in The Sunday Business Post 30th May 2011

[gallery columns="2" orderby="title"] The Sunday business Post featured a great article on PoP Up Shops beginning to be the new trend which looks like it's here to stay! The fantastic concept is just what this country needs! The concept is that extremely talented local designers and makers get the opportunity to showcase their work directly to the public. It makes a fantastic selection available to the customer which may otherwise have not been available on the high street. The buyer knows the product is high quality, produced here in Ireland and so not only are they getting 'the real thing' but a chance to support Irish economy at the same time! Most PoP Up Shops are arranged so as the tenant occupies an otherwise vacant unit at a lower rate than that of the annual lease, making it so much more accessible to the smaller enterprises. This also means that the customer can almost always know that they are getting something which is not mass produced. We may have a few more surprises of our own over the next few months so keep an eye out for little announcements! Let's all hope that the PoP Up Shop trend is here to stay!
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