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With 8 inches of snow after just falling in the past two hours, and only 3 days left to get the last of your Christmas shopping done............but NOW YOU ARE SNOWED IN!....Panic??!!!! No Need! : ) ........ We have come up with 'the perfect snowlution' for you! You can now just buy a personalised Gift Voucher right here online!.... Ah but now you are thinking...'but how will the post get to me on time?'....'And what if the postman can't get to me in all this snow with more forecast?'.....Panicked again???.......... DON'T WORRY! because we thought of that too!!! Just buy your Gift Voucher online, add your name and the recipient of the voucher along with your own personalised message in the comments box at the checkout and we will email you your attractive personalised voucher straight to your inbox! Simple as that!.....Now You're Saved!!!! All you have to do is print it out, wrap it up and pop it under the tree!!! Now you will have a very happy recipient on Christmas morning and you didn't even have to leave the warmth and comfort of your home!!! Happy Christmas from all of us here at Rebeka Kahn Artwear.....all two of us that is!  : )
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